We Build Kingston

History of the Kingston Construction Association

The Kingston Construction Association has come a long way from the handful of contractors that set the foundation of the construction industry in Kingston and area. If it were not for the over worked and under paid contractors that fought for their right for equality and helping others to achieve equal opportunity in the workplace, the KCA might not be what it is today.

The Kingston Construction Association was founded in 1939 after World War II began. At that time, it was independently known as the Kingston Building Contractors Association and was comprised of a total of 26 builders. After the war, the demands for construction hit a peak and provided a need for an industry-wide organization dedicated to further advance the interests of its members. In 1950, 11 years after the KBCA was established, a motion was carried to introduce the Builders Exchange. The Kingston Builders Exchange helped facilitate higher building demands and helped to advance the working interests of all aspects of construction in Kingston.

The time had come to provide the Kingston Builders Exchange with a recognizable design for the membership. For the next twenty years, the vivid symbol in red, yellow and light blue were proudly displayed on vehicles, office windows and job-sites.

After the celebration of the twentieth anniversary, the KBE would undergo a big change only a year later. At an annual meeting in 1971, a committee approved the Kingston Builders Exchange incorporation into the Kingston Construction Association. Since the incorporation of 1971, the Kingston Construction Association has proudly displayed its symbolic logo as a framework to a well-built organization committed to the growth and prosperity of its membership.

With the advent of 2010, the Kingston Construction Association welcomed an organizational look of the future. By introducing a new logo and visual marketing materials, the KCA looked again to the future of “green” building and paving the path of success by connecting its members to industry developments, educational advancements and government legislation. 2010 marked 60 years of business for the Kingston Construction Association which now proudly supports over 400 member firms.