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Link2Build Daily Construction News Feed and Sign Up

Link2Build Daily Construction News Feed and Sign Up

It is one year since the launch of the Link2Build Ontario platform www.link2build.ca and the 7 partner Associations behind L2B are proud of this anniversary and wish to report to members what has been accomplished in past year as well as announce a number of new features.

The foundation of Link2Build is built on 3 key service offerings:

1 – NEWS COVERAGE – a daily news reporting service


3 – Publishing of CERTIFICATES of SUBSTANTIAL PERFORMANCE and other notices under the Ontario Construction Act.

Below we give you an update and advise of new features.


In the past year over 800 construction related news articles were published and are archived on the L2B website searchable by several categories shown below. Click HERE to go to NEWS.

NEW FEATURE – Free Subscription to Daily News Feed – To register to receive a daily email of the 3 lead stories by L2B – Click HERE.